Kitsap Interfaith Network

(formerly the Bremerton Ministerial Association)

We had evolved.

In November of 2009, after great prayer and consultation with members, the decision was made to change our name to more closely reflect our lived experience, and what we hoped our future to be. To that end, we developed new mission and vision statements.




We are an inclusive network of faith leaders who gather for fellowship,

support, and collaboration in order to better serve Spirit.

Recognizing that we can accomplish more in community,

we work to give our faith feet, walking together with mutual respect,

in compassion and love.




In our monthly meetings and through our outreach ministries, we seek to:


 Develop caring connections with one another,

deepen those connections by speaking and listening with

open hearts and minds, breaking bread together, and praying with one another;


 Reaching out to other faith leaders in our community,

widening our circle of relationships;


 Network with each other and with other

community organizations so that people of faith who

are longing to serve can fully live out their callings;


 Provide a unified and unifying presence in

Kitsap County through worship and public witness.


We bring to this work reverence for life, commitment to harmony, appreciation for the adventure of working together, and faith in the possibility of peace.

Kitsap Interfaith Network


Of Blessing


This compassionate worship service is a ministry originally

begun by Associated Ministries in Tacoma, for those who have passed due to murder or suicide. It is now offered in Kitsap

County by the Kitsap Interfaith Network.  The 

service is designed to give support to the victim's family, friends, and the neighboring community.  Moments of Blessing offers a clear presence of the religious community

and gives people an opportunity to give

voice and presence

to their desire for healing and hope

where there has

been violence and death.